Discovering Spain
A Sense of Place
International Faculty Led Trip
Senior Capstone: Portland State University
Program/Course Costs are paid to PSU.  Transportation, Meals and Spending $ are students responsibility and may vary.  
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    Course Cost (Fixed)
    Includes: 6 credits: senior capstone or music history credit all lodging transport from city to city all organized activities, tours and events final group dinner student health insurance
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    Transportation (variable)
    Students responsible for: Airplane ticket to and from Spain taxis to and from hotels metro, bus rides for independent activities
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    Meals (variable)
    Students responsible for their own meals. This is a budget of $25/day for food. This budget item can vary depending on your eating habits.
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    Spending Money (variable)
    This is not required but recommended.
Complete trip cost approximately $6,000.  Final fixed budget will be set in November, 2018
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