Discovering Spain
A Sense of Place
International Faculty Led Trip
Senior Capstone: Portland State University
2019 Class Syllabus
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Music Videos & Community Partner
  1. Students create short educational videos while in Spain. These videos capture the essence of different regions and are shared with students back in the United States Each year the video themes can change. They will reflect what we are learning on the trip, but subject and focus is student choice. Ethos will share the videos with summer camp students and with their AmeriCorps volunteers working in rural communities across Oregon.
    Music Videos
    Students create 5 minute music videos No film making experience needed
  2. Community Partner, Ethos, is a Portland, Oregon-based non-profit organization that offers music lessons, classes, camps and workshops for students ages 2 and older and was created in 1998 as a direct response to funding cuts in arts education. The founders chose the name “Ethos” because their artistic vision was built on the philosophy that music education has the power to change thoughts, moods and actions. The Ethos mission is to build community through music
    Community Partner
    Ethos Community Music